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Comparing Top Work Comp Lawyers and Attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia


Atlanta, GA is the hub of America’s workforce, they are hardworking individuals. With that said, accidents happen. No one likes being out of work for longer than they need, and throughout Atlanta, there are various workers’ comp attorneys ready to assist employees.

Knowing which attorney to turn to can be intimidating. What makes one better than the other? The following attorneys are some of the top-rated ones in Atlanta, GA. The list is comprised of what qualities make them stand out, and then the decision is purely in the hands of the client.

Top Atlanta, GA Workers Comp Attorneys, and Their Benefits

   – Attorney Bryan Ramos: 

Mr. Ramos has been dealing with worker’s comp cases for over 20 years. He started on the insurance side of things and switched his focus directly to the workers. Insurance companies are complex and oftentimes difficult to deal with; Mr. Ramos quickly realized that and has given his full commitment to the people of Atlanta. He takes the guesswork out of the equation when clients are trying to deal with their worker’s comp cases.

His knowledge makes him a strong leader in the worker’s comp attorney community. He does everything to ensure all his client’s needs are met and their cases are fairly and accurately represented. From start to finish and even after the case is over, Mr. Ramos is there every step of the way. With that kind of dedication, clients can be rest assured they are getting the very best from the Ramos Law Firm.

   – Attorney Hal Whiteman:

Mr. Whiteman has spent 35 years dedicated his work to his clients. As a native Atlanta resident, M.r Whiteman chose to represent those in his community. He has dealt with various worker’s comp cases, especially those dealing with personal injury or loss of life cases, which are extremely delicate and difficult cases.

   – Attorney Sara Stottlemyer: 

For over 10 years, Mrs. Stottlemyer has served the Georgia community’s injured workers. Her compassion for these cases comes from working first-hand with the insurance companies as her initial entry into law. After seeing the countless ways insurance companies look to avoid helping clients, she sought to pave a path clients could come down for help. Over the years, she has successfully helped worker’s comp cases at all trial level and below.

Her level of dedication can be seen through her clients as well as her reputation. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Worker’s Compensation Section of the Atlanta’s Bar Association and the Executive Committee for Georgia Injured Worker’s Advocate. This not only keeps her up to date on changing laws but shows her commitment to the people of Atlanta.

Other Workers Compensation Attorneys in Atlanta

The above three are just a small representation of all that Atlanta has to offer for worker’s comp lawyers. They have great reputations and years of experience. However, people searching for a more comprehensive list can visit…

9 Best Locks To Quickly Learn Lock Picking

Thinking about becoming a lock pick master? Well one of the quickest ways of progressing in any craft is knowing exactly what steps to take, and in which order to take them. With lock picking this can be as simple as knowing which locks to focus on first.

Everything comes with time and a lot of practice. Do you seriously think that Michael Jordan was born with a basketball in his hand? Absolutely Not, everything takes time and with every new lock you pick, you’ll walk away with some new knowledge — a lesson taught through the sweat, struggle, and tears of picking.

The purpose of this little guide is to give you a progression of locks to learn lock picking. Locks that will not only give you the greatest lessons, but do so in an order that will prepare you for the next lock on this list.

From absolute beginner to tackling serrated security pins — all in 9 locks!


However, to get the most out of this lock progression, I recommended that you pick up at least two or three of each lock because every lock is different. You can pick 10 of the same models of lock and have an easy time with some, a hard time with others, and perhaps even find that one or two are seemingly impossible to open.


This is because every lock is different. Each has a different biting, a different binding order, and different tolerances that will affect the way in which it is picked. Some may agree with your level of skill or method of picking — some may not.


So when trying to master a specific style of lock and learn what they have to teach, it’s best to grab a few of them.


The Master Lock #3 is absolutely the first lock you should ever consider getting as a beginning lock picker. While these locks can be short lived in the amount of time it takes to master them — no pun intended — they are one of the most versatile locks for the beginner.


These locks are poorly made and have terrible tolerances — meaning finding and setting binding pins is especially easy because they have tons of slop in the core. They can literally be opened using any method of bypass including single pin picking, raking, bitch picking, zipping, shimming, light tension, heavy tension, or even a chicken bone (yes a chicken bone)… it doesn’t matter because you can easily find success with any method available and it will lay an important foundation for each method to be built upon.


They have only four standard pins and a very wide and open keyway. They also have a very light spring loaded core that fortunately doesn’t do much to muffle your feedback. It’s almost like Master Lock made these locks just so you could learn lock picking!


Pro Tip: You can also use a Master Lock #1 or #5 instead as they have the exact same core as the #3. The only difference is that the #1 has a smaller body and the #5 has a bigger body — all three will pick the same.


Now that you have you a slight understanding of how the picking process works, it’s time to hone those skills with a Master Lock #7.


Best beginner lock for learning to pick smaller keyways.

This lock is very similar to the Master Lock #3. It has 4 standard pins, poor tolerances, an open keyway, and a very light spring loaded core. However, its keyway is smaller, much smaller.


This small keyway will not only refine your skills, but teach you the art of finesse — which an important cornerstone to lock picking.


You will learn how to squeeze and maneuver your picks in very tight spaces and be forced to learned how to leverage the most out of your picks.


Now it’s time to bump up the difficulty a bit to a lock that has slightly higher tolerances… oh and a few security pins — YIKES!


Security pins may seem scary at first, but they are nothing to worry about and as you’ll learn, they can actually make the lock much easier and more fun to pick.


Master Lock 140 – Locks to learn lock picking

Get On Amazon

There is nothing like counter rotation in the morning to make you feel alive!


The Master Lock 140 is a great introduction to spool pins as, like the #3 and #7, it has a very open keyway, light spring tension on the core, and terrible tolerances.


These locks have a four pin core and typically include one standard pin and three shallow spool pins (the shallower the spools the easier the pick.)…

Google Maps Geocaching | Free Geocache Apps find GPS Coordinates

Google maps Geocaching

Geocaching is a fun, innovative way to get people out of the house and outdoors. It combines modern technology with treasure hunting. You use GPS coordinates or your smart phone to find these hidden caches. Once you’ve found them, there’s typically a log book hidden inside so you can sign your name to let other people know that you found the treasure. Sometimes there are small trinkets, such as bouncing balls, Happy Meal Toys, and stickers inside that you can trade out for.
Being able to find the cache is very important.

Geocaching App

The first thing you want to do when you’re setting up for a geocache hunt is finding the best app to use. It’s no surprise that one of the better apps to use is the official app, called Geocaching. It allows for you to search for geocaches, log what you might or might not have found inside the cache, and even more.
There is a premium version available because the free one can be limited in some ways. However, you can still use the geocaching app without spending any money at all. The important parts of the app are that the simple design that makes it easy to use for everyone, caches that haven’t been found yet are easy to find on the map, it works with both iOS devices and Android devices, and you can find the cache with a different GPS app then what’s on your phone.
That being said, there are some drawbacks on the app. For examples, there are other apps that have free features that are not free on Geocaching. You also can’t submit new geocaches through the app.

Free Geocaching

If you want to start treasure hunting, you can do it completely free. There are several apps out there that exist that cost no money. Geocaching is just one example, even if it’s the primarily used one. It has a free version that will allow you to get started without spending any money. This means that you can make geocaching a fun event for all the family to enjoy without ever spending a dime. That means you can have fun at birthday parties, holidays, or even just a Saturday with the family.

Geocaching Map Coordinates

The way of inputting coordinates to your GPS device will vary depending on which sort of device you’re using. If your device can’t directly connect to the computer using an interface cable, you must enter the coordinates manually into the device. This will vary depending on which device you are using. Check the owners’ manual for instructions. This website about geocaching has some hidden treasure with their map coordinates.
However, if you are using a Magellan or Garmin that connects to your computer through an interface cable, you can then use the “Send to GPS” option to direct a cache listing to your GPS device. The very first time you use this option, you will be given directions on how to download the right plugin for your specific GPS device.…

Consulting with an Excellent Family Lawyer

One thing that we say in each and every last one of our articles is that you want to find a great attorney not an average one. Also sometimes restated as not all attorneys are created the same. When it comes to finding a family lawyer, you need the very best, your family it’s the very Best, protecting yourself and your family is the most important thing. Having the right attorney for the job is the most important thing to achieve this goal of protecting your finances, your family and your custody situation. Some people make the mistake of believing that any attorney can help them, they might make this mistake on the deep end by even hiring an attorney who does not specialize in the practice area of family law, some might make a mistake of the variety of hiring a fairly average family lawyer, both of these are mistakes and your job is to find a well-qualified family lawyer. Visit to visit a family lawyer in Canada.

What is the blueprint of a top-notch family lawyer? There is a saying that success leaves behind clues so it is easy to follow and mimic. Looking for a top notch family lawyer is the same. A top-notch family lawyer leave behind clues of their success and the satisfaction of their clients. Typically you’ll find some form of reputation, ratings, reviews and testimonies. We can also that buying this as objective social proof, all the things that you need to know if a family attorney will be able to produce results for you, if they have really help other people and if they have the talent and skill to help you as well.

law firm scales

This is all about investigating a family lawyer and figure out who they really are and if they’re worth your money and your time. This is a major step that should never be skipped over. Internet is a great place to investigate reputation and value and worth of a family lawyer. Before you go any consultation with an attorney you should probably do your homework on them. You should probably have an idea of the reputation, of reviews that ever left about them, any ratings and testimonies that you can find on the Internet. This puts you in the driver seat to know you were doing business with someone who can actually protect you and help you achieve your in the game. Finding a good Edmonton Family Lawyer is high in demand in Canada.

We could just as easily tell you to just do business with us we are the people that you need. It in all likelihood will be true but it will violate this article. We challenge you to investigate us, do your homework, take a look at our reputation and know for yourself that we order right lawyers for the job, the people who will help protect your family, your custody rights, and your finances. Family law is serious business, make no mistake it is a business and it requires specialist, strong Abacus and people who will assertively fight for you to achieve your goals.…

Amazon As A Search Engine


A lot of people don’t realize this, but Amazon on its own, is a search engine, and it is prevalent for people to use when they are researching a product. In fact, a lot of people start and end their research on Amazon before they decide to buy something. There are many ways that people use Amazon as a search engine, and it is much easier to optimize for than Google. According to Tangible Vagaries, when you think of search engine, however, you don’t think about Amazon at all. You think more along the lines of Google and Yahoo and Bing.

When people are doing product research, as an average consumer, they usually don’t look on Google for the latest reviews, they tend to look on Amazon. For example, if someone knows that they want to buy a new computer and want to get the best deal on it, they are probably going to use Amazon to compare specs, prices, and reviews over using Google to find out about what they want to buy.


Using Amazon’s search engine to promote your business and products has a lot of pros and a couple cons.


  • Easier to optimize for. Optimizing your product to rank in Amazon’s search engine is far easier than trying to do it on Google’s search engine. All you have to do is put in the item’s description and specifications, throw in a couple of pictures and then you are listed, and people can find you.
  • Increased Sales. If people are searching on Amazon, they are literally two clicks away from buying your product.
  • Increased Reviews. People who bought your product are more likely to review it on Amazon than anywhere else.
  • Can rank in other search engines. If someone searches for a product on Google, Amazon products can be a result on top of regular results. So not only will you be able to have your website listing as a result in Google that is earning you revenue, but you can also have Amazon’s results as well to make you income.


  • Only useable by physical products. If you sell services or some software, you won’t be able to advertise yourself on Amazon. Compared to Google and other search engines, Amazon is limited to the products that it has in its own system. If you don’t sell a physical product that can be shipped, Amazon isn’t the place for you to advertise.
  • Costs money. Amazon has to get a cut of the products that you sell on their website. There are many different fees that Amazon takes as part of your advertising on their site. These fees aren’t that big but are something to keep in mind when advertising on Amazon.

In conclusion, Amazon itself is a search engine. A lot of people use Amazon for product research and it one of the most visited websites. It is often not looked at as a search engine, and if you are able to realize that it is, you can benefit immensely from the results. If you are ever in Oklahoma City, you might be able to find me at an SEO Meetup and we can talk some more, or watch this video for some great ways to optimize for Amazon.


The latest and greatest digital marketing strategies

Digital marketing for business success

1.    What Is Digital Marketing?

It is a means of marketing and promotion of a product or service using digital platforms and medium, leveraging these to generate favorable results. Its strong points are in the use of SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), wed design coupled with the use of social media to drive online marketing campaigns. All these are integral mediums that any professional digital marketer or marketing agency should know how to use.

2.    Why Is It Important?

In short, digital marketing is a vital part of any online business plan whose impact can even be seen offline. Its significance in how business is done include:

•    It aids in the establishment and support of efficient and effective engagement with clients and customers across various digital platforms and channels. Through such efforts, it bolsters online presences on social media while enhancing ranking in search engines.

•    It is an integral part of development and execution of specific marketing campaigns via mediums with the aim of reaching a target audience.

•    Digital marketing can be used to grow a significant customer or client base as well as turning these into leads for bolstering the marketing campaigns. It can as well work oppositely, finding leads converting them into customers or clients.

•    Digital marketing is one of the best and holistic ways of reviewing demographic and psychographic data using this information to achieve set business goals.

•    With digital marketing, it is possible for businesses to track their efforts and know if they are bearing fruits or not. Companies can know the source of their leads as well as calculate conversion rates.

•    In essence, marketing is not only about finding and growing a long list of clientele or getting a significant number of customers and encouraging loyalty, but it is also about brand marketing and recognition. As such, the strategy employed will aim at building a robust online presence as well as impeccable credibility.

3.    How It Impacts Businesses

One of the apparent impacts of digital marketing is that is it a cost-effective marketing strategy with huge returns that turns a target market into a marketing tool. When looking for the right agency for your business be sure to do your homework first I recommend checking out before starting your next marketing campaign. You can also reach there Melbourne office here Digital marketing agency Melbourne

The Art of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is more important than ever before. What steps do you plan to take regarding digital marketing in 2018? It is time to take a look at your overall plan and how better online marketing strategies can affect your overall success. Business owners like to share stories and talk about what works, so there is a wealth of information out there.



By now you have heard about how content is king and that high-quality content is essential now more than ever before. That’s true, but simply saying you need high-quality content could mean many different things. For starters, pieces need to be longer, but let’s get deeper than that. Have you heard of topic clusters and content pillars? Do you offer niche specific eBooks on your site as downloads? What about storytelling?

Non-USA Web Hosting Recommendations for 2018

UK Best Web Hosting UK 2018
Ireland Web Hosting Ireland

Storytelling has long been used as a way to break through SEO content on a standard level. However, it can be essential to establishing more personalized high-quality content as well. After all, you do want to grab the attention of your readers. These days, grabbing the attention of your readers has everything to do with grabbing the attention of the search engines. This whole storytelling concept might be the first digital marketing concept you want to look at more closely in terms of content creation – for more information got to Ni SEO – best London SEO company 2018.

Have you considered chat bots and other live chat options? What about Facebook marketing and video marketing? Those are key concepts these days when it comes to digital marketing as well. Overall, you want to spend time coming up with a marketing plan, that will grow your business. You want to make sure that you aren’t wasting money, too, so that plan needs to come with a budget. The goal is to increase profits and see your business continuing to grow as a brand into the future.…

Who Wins Between Ria Money Transfer and Western Union

Money transfer services are exceedingly important for all individuals who desire to send or receive funds from faraway places. Often, in fact, this money is the main form of sustenance for an individual, couple or even an entire family of a person living and working abroad. Because of this, it is in everyone’s interest to find and utilize the best possible company that provides these transfer services. Today, one of the two biggest contenders for the top spot is the Western Union, a long-running business, and the Ria Money Transfer company, a relatively new addition to the market of money transfer. Here is a direct comparison of these two and with it, the advantages, but also the disadvantages each company has on its side.

Security and Effectiveness

It can be said that the Western Union is the most well-known company offering international money transfers in the world. However, while Ria Money Transfer is the underdog here only in the terms of brand recognition, it offers a spectacular set of options and possibilities. The same goes for its transfer security, meaning its transfers are fully protected against any unpleasant surprises. All of this makes it basically on equal footing as the much bigger and older Western Union.

Bonuses for New and Continues Users

The Western Union comes with the idea that using its services is already, for the most part, a reward unto itself. Ria Money Transfer company perceives this completely differently. This is the reason why it provides a series of bonuses for new sign-up, including Amazon gift cards for first transfers and so forth. The company also includes referral bonuses, potential wins of airline tickets and so much more, making it the most generous money transfer companies in the world. In this regard, the Ria alternative is much more interesting because it simply provides so many great additional elements that boost its overall value for money.


One of the key reasons why the Western Union is such a gigantic company is its ability to capitalize on its brand value. However, in the real-world environment, this means that the prices for individual transfers by the Western Union are very high. For many working-class individuals, these simply kill off any chance of them slowly building up their savings. Ria Money Transfers, however, believe in the concept of a minimum viable product. This allows them to operate on a much more affordable basis. This means low-cost transfers, including those that cost literally nothing. Because of its market position and its ability to use technology to advance its business, Ria Money Transfer is plainly said, a lot more accessible in the terms of its price. Additionally, a new Ria Money Transfer promo code can help you save even more money on fees!

With all of the advantages clearly stacking up with Ria Money Transfer, it is safe to say that this company seems like a better alternative for the wide majority of potential clients.…

Long Term Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

SEO requires a sustained effort but a couple of days break will not ruin your rankings. So long as you are drip content and feeding links, you need to discover that SEO works nicely on coming in, and that the visitors keeps. That’s the best thing about search engine optimization. It forces you to think about your website in terms that are technical. It gives you the ability to get great positions, and it forces you to generate content that is good and have a layout. It gives you the ability to discover new sites to share content with and to link to. It’s the best remedy to brand building in many ways – because it provides you a multi-pronged way of marketing.

Search engine optimization is something that aids businesses to be more visible on the internet – and online does not only mean “on a desktop computer”. Maybe you have used your phone to look for “Italian food” and then went to the venue that popped up in the search results? That site got there through diligent SEO. It will be worth the effort, although it may take months for an SEO effort to repay. If you’re are concerned that you’re pouring money down the drain for nothing, think of it this way. Your SEO efforts will get you visitors not only from additional articles on your website which you never considered, but also from the keywords which you EXPECT to bring visitors. It will help you to reach people that are currently searching for content which you have. It will bring in results even when you don’t have an ad campaign. As soon as your website ranks well, a small trickle of standard maintenance will be sufficient to keep it all there. If you are looking for SEO Agency for your business website then you can check out Atlanta SEO Services in Georgia.

This is a lot of work – and that’s why it is imperative that you work with specialists. Search engine optimization services have resources, more time, and more understanding, and they have already done the research, although search engine optimization is something which everyone can do in theory. They know the most frequent mistakes to avoid, and they understand what it takes to rank well. They have a network of people that they can discuss content with so that they can get incoming links. One point is that the search engines are extremely clever nowadays and they won’t only rank a site highly because it’s keyword stuffed or it’s a lot of links. Your content needs to be correct, current, informative, interesting and well composed, to rank in the search engines these days. Incoming links need to be from high-quality sources, and your website has to be fast to load, friendly and well made.

Every website owner should do SEO. It’s one of the most significant methods of getting visitors if you are starting a new site. In case you have an existing site it is what will enable you to continue getting traffic in the long run. Sit down with an expert and get your website being marketed by them today. Ask them what you can do to help – whether that making infographics, writing articles, or sharing things on media. Get so that you don’t have to worry about your competitors surpassing your own efforts and schedule some time every week to keep on working. Install a Google Analytics plugin, also pay attention – you might be surprised at the results, and it’ll give you a sense of what to concentrate on in the Local SEO Marketing.

Local businesses attempt to get to wait to kick in they opt to put a massive focus on social networking or on search. All these are possibilities that are legitimate, but they are also things that require cost and more effort. The traffic stops coming in, when you quit spending money on search. A good deal of smaller, local small business owners cannot understand the purpose of SEO – because when it is the advantages of search engine optimization are apparent and that is an unfortunate thing.

King of The Web

It’s official. The world wide web has crowned the new king. Now before I tell you who this new king is we need to set the rules of the game. And the game is search engine optimization. And the new king is not another than Kotton Grammer. It is quite unbelievable what this man has accomplished in four short years. From living in his parent’s basement at near forty years old to a multimillionaire many times over is quite an achievement. Kotton made his fortune selling client services for SEO. It is rumored that he currently has over 150 clients some of which are paying in excess of $50,000 per month for his services. Here is a Kotton Grammar testimonial video from one of the people that he has mentored.

Seems he has gained the admiration of many of the people that he has mentored as is evidenced by the sheer volume of YouTube testimonial videos from people that he has worked with. Heat admiration from a core group of followers on top of the financial success and you have the makings of a new Internet icon.

Therefore I crown the king!