Who Wins Between Ria Money Transfer and Western Union

Money transfer services are exceedingly important for all individuals who desire to send or receive funds from faraway places. Often, in fact, this money is the main form of sustenance for an individual, couple or even an entire family of a person living and working abroad. Because of this, it is in everyone’s interest to find and utilize the best possible company that provides these transfer services. Today, one of the two biggest contenders for the top spot is the Western Union, a long-running business, and the Ria Money Transfer company, a relatively new addition to the market of money transfer. Here is a direct comparison of these two and with it, the advantages, but also the disadvantages each company has on its side.

Security and Effectiveness

It can be said that the Western Union is the most well-known company offering international money transfers in the world. However, while Ria Money Transfer is the underdog here only in the terms of brand recognition, it offers a spectacular set of options and possibilities. The same goes for its transfer security, meaning its transfers are fully protected against any unpleasant surprises. All of this makes it basically on equal footing as the much bigger and older Western Union.

Bonuses for New and Continues Users

The Western Union comes with the idea that using its services is already, for the most part, a reward unto itself. Ria Money Transfer company perceives this completely differently. This is the reason why it provides a series of bonuses for new sign-up, including Amazon gift cards for first transfers and so forth. The company also includes referral bonuses, potential wins of airline tickets and so much more, making it the most generous money transfer companies in the world. In this regard, the Ria alternative is much more interesting because it simply provides so many great additional elements that boost its overall value for money.


One of the key reasons why the Western Union is such a gigantic company is its ability to capitalize on its brand value. However, in the real-world environment, this means that the prices for individual transfers by the Western Union are very high. For many working-class individuals, these simply kill off any chance of them slowly building up their savings. Ria Money Transfers, however, believe in the concept of a minimum viable product. This allows them to operate on a much more affordable basis. This means low-cost transfers, including those that cost literally nothing. Because of its market position and its ability to use technology to advance its business, Ria Money Transfer is plainly said, a lot more accessible in the terms of its price. Additionally, a new Ria Money Transfer promo code can help you save even more money on fees!

With all of the advantages clearly stacking up with Ria Money Transfer, it is safe to say that this company seems like a better alternative for the wide majority of potential clients.

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