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Amazon As A Search Engine


A lot of people don’t realize this, but Amazon on its own, is a search engine, and it is prevalent for people to use when they are researching a product. In fact, a lot of people start and end their research on Amazon before they decide to buy something. There are many ways that people use Amazon as a search engine, and it is much easier to optimize for than Google. According to Tangible Vagaries, when you think of search engine, however, you don’t think about Amazon at all. You think more along the lines of Google and Yahoo and Bing.

When people are doing product research, as an average consumer, they usually don’t look on Google for the latest reviews, they tend to look on Amazon. For example, if someone knows that they want to buy a new computer and want to get the best deal on it, they are probably going to use Amazon to compare specs, prices, and reviews over using Google to find out about what they want to buy.


Using Amazon’s search engine to promote your business and products has a lot of pros and a couple cons.


  • Easier to optimize for. Optimizing your product to rank in Amazon’s search engine is far easier than trying to do it on Google’s search engine. All you have to do is put in the item’s description and specifications, throw in a couple of pictures and then you are listed, and people can find you.
  • Increased Sales. If people are searching on Amazon, they are literally two clicks away from buying your product.
  • Increased Reviews. People who bought your product are more likely to review it on Amazon than anywhere else.
  • Can rank in other search engines. If someone searches for a product on Google, Amazon products can be a result on top of regular results. So not only will you be able to have your website listing as a result in Google that is earning you revenue, but you can also have Amazon’s results as well to make you income.


  • Only useable by physical products. If you sell services or some software, you won’t be able to advertise yourself on Amazon. Compared to Google and other search engines, Amazon is limited to the products that it has in its own system. If you don’t sell a physical product that can be shipped, Amazon isn’t the place for you to advertise.
  • Costs money. Amazon has to get a cut of the products that you sell on their website. There are many different fees that Amazon takes as part of your advertising on their site. These fees aren’t that big but are something to keep in mind when advertising on Amazon.

In conclusion, Amazon itself is a search engine. A lot of people use Amazon for product research and it one of the most visited websites. It is often not looked at as a search engine, and if you are able to realize that it is, you can benefit immensely from the results. If you are ever in Oklahoma City, you might be able to find me at an SEO Meetup and we can talk some more, or watch this video for some great ways to optimize for Amazon.