New December Ria Money Transfer Promo Code

If you are an individual who is constantly on the lookout for providers of money transfer services, you know well enough that you are not the only one. Today, hundreds of millions of people just like you are trying to figure out an option to send funds globally in a way that is both affordable and secure. So far, it often seemed that these two factors do not coincide with each other. This is seen in the fact that strongly secured money transfer services include high prices, while other alternatives that are cheaper often seem lacking in their safety protocols.

The same dilemma caused so many to desperately try to figure out how they can get both of these important factors. But now, the solutions offer itself in the form of Ria Money Transfer services. By using this company and their transfer options, anyone can move their money transfers affordable, easily and securely. Here are the key benefits of this service and what makes Ria an offer you should definitely consider.

The Great Basic Features

Ria Money Transfer services firstly provides an excellent set of basic features to its clients. These include transfers that take place in 15 minutes or even less. Then, the company has connections with over 321,000 individual locations spread out across the globe. More precisely, these are located in an astounding 146 countries, making sure that anyone, anywhere can reach their loved ones with a global cash transfer. Finally, the services include great rates and fees that are so low that they start with $0. This is the thing that allows its users to complete their transfers and still not be in a position to financially burden themselves because they used this type of service.

A Range of Bonuses

Apart from the basic set of advantages that Ria money transfer services offer, there is also a completely new and additional layer of benefits. These include the ability to send money to your mom and get a $10 as a welcome bonus. To attain this bonus, users should simply use the new Ria Money Transfer promo code MOM10. For the first transfer, the users get a $10 Amazon gift card. Then, new customers that use the coupon code FREEMONT will get one month of money transfers to 140 countries for no charge at all. Lastly, if you refer a friend as a user to Ria money transfer services, you will get $20 once they complete their first money transfer.

With all of this going for it, anyone can see that the Ria money transfer organization is not an ordinary company. Instead, it is the provider of arguably the best and most affordable money transfer services in the world.