King of The Web

It’s official. The world wide web has crowned the new king. Now before I tell you who this new king is we need to set the rules of the game. And the game is search engine optimization. And the new king is not another than Kotton Grammer. It is quite unbelievable what this man has accomplished in four short years. From living in his parent’s basement at near forty years old to a multimillionaire many times over is quite an achievement. Kotton made his fortune selling client services for SEO. It is rumored that he currently has over 150 clients some of which are paying in excess of $50,000 per month for his services. Here is a Kotton Grammar testimonial video from one of the people that he has mentored.

Seems he has gained the admiration of many of the people that he has mentored as is evidenced by the sheer volume of YouTube testimonial videos from people that he has worked with. Heat admiration from a core group of followers on top of the financial success and you have the makings of a new Internet icon.

Therefore I crown the king!

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