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Google maps Geocaching

Geocaching is a fun, innovative way to get people out of the house and outdoors. It combines modern technology with treasure hunting. You use GPS coordinates or your smart phone to find these hidden caches. Once you’ve found them, there’s typically a log book hidden inside so you can sign your name to let other people know that you found the treasure. Sometimes there are small trinkets, such as bouncing balls, Happy Meal Toys, and stickers inside that you can trade out for.
Being able to find the cache is very important.

Geocaching App

The first thing you want to do when you’re setting up for a geocache hunt is finding the best app to use. It’s no surprise that one of the better apps to use is the official app, called Geocaching. It allows for you to search for geocaches, log what you might or might not have found inside the cache, and even more.
There is a premium version available because the free one can be limited in some ways. However, you can still use the geocaching app without spending any money at all. The important parts of the app are that the simple design that makes it easy to use for everyone, caches that haven’t been found yet are easy to find on the map, it works with both iOS devices and Android devices, and you can find the cache with a different GPS app then what’s on your phone.
That being said, there are some drawbacks on the app. For examples, there are other apps that have free features that are not free on Geocaching. You also can’t submit new geocaches through the app.

Free Geocaching

If you want to start treasure hunting, you can do it completely free. There are several apps out there that exist that cost no money. Geocaching is just one example, even if it’s the primarily used one. It has a free version that will allow you to get started without spending any money. This means that you can make geocaching a fun event for all the family to enjoy without ever spending a dime. That means you can have fun at birthday parties, holidays, or even just a Saturday with the family.

Geocaching Map Coordinates

The way of inputting coordinates to your GPS device will vary depending on which sort of device you’re using. If your device can’t directly connect to the computer using an interface cable, you must enter the coordinates manually into the device. This will vary depending on which device you are using. Check the owners’ manual for instructions. This website about geocaching has some hidden treasure with their map coordinates.
However, if you are using a Magellan or Garmin that connects to your computer through an interface cable, you can then use the “Send to GPS” option to direct a cache listing to your GPS device. The very first time you use this option, you will be given directions on how to download the right plugin for your specific GPS device.

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