Comparing Top Work Comp Lawyers and Attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia


Atlanta, GA is the hub of America’s workforce, they are hardworking individuals. With that said, accidents happen. No one likes being out of work for longer than they need, and throughout Atlanta, there are various workers’ comp attorneys ready to assist employees.

Knowing which attorney to turn to can be intimidating. What makes one better than the other? The following attorneys are some of the top-rated ones in Atlanta, GA. The list is comprised of what qualities make them stand out, and then the decision is purely in the hands of the client.

Top Atlanta, GA Workers Comp Attorneys, and Their Benefits

   – Attorney Bryan Ramos: 

Mr. Ramos has been dealing with worker’s comp cases for over 20 years. He started on the insurance side of things and switched his focus directly to the workers. Insurance companies are complex and oftentimes difficult to deal with; Mr. Ramos quickly realized that and has given his full commitment to the people of Atlanta. He takes the guesswork out of the equation when clients are trying to deal with their worker’s comp cases.

His knowledge makes him a strong leader in the worker’s comp attorney community. He does everything to ensure all his client’s needs are met and their cases are fairly and accurately represented. From start to finish and even after the case is over, Mr. Ramos is there every step of the way. With that kind of dedication, clients can be rest assured they are getting the very best from the Ramos Law Firm.

   – Attorney Hal Whiteman:

Mr. Whiteman has spent 35 years dedicated his work to his clients. As a native Atlanta resident, M.r Whiteman chose to represent those in his community. He has dealt with various worker’s comp cases, especially those dealing with personal injury or loss of life cases, which are extremely delicate and difficult cases.

   – Attorney Sara Stottlemyer: 

For over 10 years, Mrs. Stottlemyer has served the Georgia community’s injured workers. Her compassion for these cases comes from working first-hand with the insurance companies as her initial entry into law. After seeing the countless ways insurance companies look to avoid helping clients, she sought to pave a path clients could come down for help. Over the years, she has successfully helped worker’s comp cases at all trial level and below.

Her level of dedication can be seen through her clients as well as her reputation. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Worker’s Compensation Section of the Atlanta’s Bar Association and the Executive Committee for Georgia Injured Worker’s Advocate. This not only keeps her up to date on changing laws but shows her commitment to the people of Atlanta.

Other Workers Compensation Attorneys in Atlanta

The above three are just a small representation of all that Atlanta has to offer for worker’s comp lawyers. They have great reputations and years of experience. However, people searching for a more comprehensive list can visit

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