How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Canada

Do you plan to become a real estate agent in Canada?
If you are a Canadian resident and you feel like you are up for the challenges of this profession, you might be surprised to know that it is not really as hard as many people believe. There is an extensive array of career paths licensed realtors can choose from in the country, which means that many doors of opportunity are very much wide open for you. These opportunities include residential, industrial, investment and commercial properties and becoming a property management specialist. Also, there is farming realty and realty business brokering.

With some effort and time combined with the drive to succeed, a Canadian resident can meet all the basic requirements essential to get a real estate license in Canada. Below is a quick rundown of the basic guidelines you need to meet:

  • License holders should be at least 18 years of age in order to become a realtor.
  • Canadian residents who have a high school diploma or an equivalent educational attainment can qualify.
  • Any realtor who wants to get licensed in Ontario or other provinces in Canada should be fluent in English. Knowing a second language is also a plus.
  • Take note that depending on the province where you live, the requirements for licensing can differ. It would be your responsibility to check on the different course requirements to be a licensed realtor.
  • You have to complete are require courses, a good example of which is the Real Estate Associate’s Program.
  • Send applications to express your interest to work with brokers.
  • See to it that your background check has been completed.
  • Identify the path where you would like your career as a realtor to go to. Would you like to become a property manager? Does your goal include working with investment properties? Now would be the perfect time for you to nail down this decision.
  • Take the 15-day course for licensing. Your score must be a minimum of 70% for you to get a passing grade.
  • Finalize the Application for a Salesperson and the Schedule A for your broker to provide the signatures on the forms. The forms, together with the letter which state that you completed and passed the examination, need to be sent to Nova Scotia Real Estate Commission together with the copy of your birth certificate, driver’s license and all the associated fees.

While not mandatory, there are several additional courses available which can help you on getting a leg up on how to become a realtor in British Columbia. You can take the Real Estate Aptitude Test being held in British Columbia for you to know if this particular path is really the right and best choice for you. The test can help you come up with a final decision prior to spending large amounts of money on courses and licensing only to discover later on that this is not a suitable career for you.

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